Concept 32 runs a fully automated manufacturing facility featuring the latest equipment and software. We integrate the latest technology standards in manufacturing to provide the best product to our clients. 

Concept 32 keeps on top of current design trends and the latest technology standards in manufacturing. From the precision of a beam saw to the versatility of the point to point machining center, automation developed exclusively for Concept 32. Each project is custom made to exacting specifications.

Zero Edge Technology
Zero Edge Technology

Zero Edge Technology

Your Perfect Invisible Joint With HOMAG AirTec

Zero edge is aesthetically pleasing, a stronger and longer-lasting edge, and it offers anti-bacterial benefits that make it a great solution for restaurants, health-care and similar public uses.

AirTec is the latest technology developed to achieve zero edge edgebanding or invisible glue lines. The machine is a reactivation unit that uses compressed, heated air to activate the adhesive or active layer. With this technology, air is propelled through a nozzle as the edgebanding material travels through the magazine, fusing the material to the panel edge creating an invisible joint.

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